Have you ever heard of Microcurrent? Probably not!

It is a great safe and natural alternative to Botox recommended for Pregnant Women.

Here, at Youth Fountain Spa, we only suggest the purest and most efficient treatments and Estheticians have been using this technology for decades!

What is Microcurrent?

It is a frequency that mimics your body’s  own natural electrical current.  Localized, mild, yet very effective!

Your body uses the life force energy of ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) to produce Fibroblasts which in turn produce Collagen and Elastin.  As we get older this energy tends to be redirected to other areas of the body and the Fibroblast production decreases.  Microcurrent helps to stimulate those Fibroblasts and get them back to producing your very own collagen and elastin.

Results are Instant and will develop and become most pronounced over the course of three days. After that, your body will continue to produce more Fibroblasts in the treated area for several weeks as if you had turned a switch on. This is why we highly recommend a series of treatments spaced three days to two weeks apart for a series of 3-12 treatments depending on your needs.

Many of our clients become satisfied after three treatments.

  • Cumulative (Gradually increasing and becoming permanent)
  • Affordable and minimal maintenance. (Come whenever you feel like you need a boost) You will still be paying 1/10th of the price of Botox and less frequently.

Video of us doing a Microcurrent on the Owner of Perfect Woman Salon.

Speaking of Botox…

Click here to read about the differences and similarities between Botox and Microcurrent so that you can make an educated choice between the two!

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