Superior Broad Spectrum Facial SPF 30 (2oz)


  • The Best Facial SPF on the Market!


Did you know that 80% of aging comes from the SUN?  Did you know that you are being exposed to Free Radicals and UV rays even when you are in the car or under the lights indoors?

Finally, a Non-Comedogenic, pH-balanced, Paraben Free, Cruelty Free and BPA-Free SPF to add to your Skin Care routine!

Add this daily right under your make-up and your skin will thank you tremendously. Not only will you halt your aging process, your skin will begin to recover from its current sensitized condition. It is great for Women and Men alike. Recommended for Normal and Dry Skin Types as it is highly moisturizing. We have even withheld the chemical sunscreen ingredients found in most other products that have been shown by the Environmental Working Group to cause Endocrine Disruption. Our SPF may be THE most Skin friendly product on the market!


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