Where can I get the most Superior Skin Care Products?

Let’s face it, the options for Skin Care products are endless.  You could spend a good $10,000 and up and years of wasted time in trial and error mode. I mean, who do you trust? Your preferred make up counter sales rep? Or maybe the infomercials on TV? If you are lower in the income bracket then you may just select your favorite product at Walmart or CVS or Target.  For those with money to blow, a Dermatologist feels like a solid investment and a reputable source, right?

Coming Soon! My Article on Ingredients and what is in your everyday Beauty Products!


I am here to tell you as a Licensed Esthetician what I recommend. I hope you will weigh it in your vast options as your solution. Really, unless you are a local client of mine, I have nothing to gain.

Only Yourx Skin Care is a product line solely distributed to Estheticians.  I have seen it at the most elite Medical Spa on Ventura Blvd to the most Fancy Day Spa in Sierra Madre. If it is so wonderful, you may think to yourself, why isn’t it at Nordstroms? One word: Sustainability.

Fresh Ingredients, harvested from the Rain Forest are in low Supply.  Mass distribution of such products would probably have more impact on your product than the Rain Forest. Still, preserve the Rain Forest and your Skin! Once a product is mass distributed to your local stores in high supply, it needs parabens and other various poisons to keep it “Fresh.” The Geniuses at Only Yourx Skin Care realize this, of course. I believe this is why they decided to build their business on a smaller scale, so that the products may still be provided without the additives, and in an exclusive way.

Truly, it is against my contract with the company to even sell this product on my website or online or anywhere besides my retail salon or spa location.

If you want to know where to get this product in your area, you can click on this Link.

If you would like a Consultation or Facial to have your own prescription for which Only Yourx products can correct or enhance your skin, please make an appointment for a Facial or give us a call!

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